Eagles players love Jalen Hurts, but will Nick Sirianni listen?

The Philadelphia Eagles locker room backs Jalen Hurts as the franchise quarterback. It’s less clear if Nick Sirianni and management believe in him too.

The biggest question for the Eagles in 2021 has little to do with this season. It’s all about the future of the franchise.

Is Jalen Hurts a franchise quarterback?

The second-year QB needs to spend the coming season convincing Eagles management that he’s the guy to put their long-term faith in. When it comes to his teammates, that mission is already accomplished.

“There is a fast-growing sentiment among #Eagles’ players that Jalen Hurts is undoubtedly the franchise QB. His work ethic, intangibles and overall skill level have captured the entire locker room. Players I’ve spoken with are consistently blown away by Hurts – on/off the field,” Jordan Schultz of ESPN tweeted.

Jalen Hurts has his teammates convinced he’s a franchise QB for the Eagles

Philadelphia drafted Hurts last year in the second round out of Oklahoma when they still had Carson Wentz. However, Wentz’s performances dropped off in 2020 and his relationship with the franchise deteriorated. Hurts replaced him as the starting quarterback at the end of last season and they traded him to the Colts.

Trading Wentz was an acknowledgment that Hurts would be the quarterback going forward into the 2021 season. Drafting wide receiver DeVonta Smith at No. 10 in the 2021 NFL Draft instead of targeting a quarterback suggests the team is willing to see what Hurts can do.

Still, there is some skepticism about Hurts’ ceiling. He completed just 52 percent of his passes as a rookie while going 1-3 in the games he started. He may have the locker room behind him, but the Eagles are expected to struggle this season as new head coach Nick Sirianni works to rebuild the squad. He’s the one Hurts needs to convince to buy in.

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