Roy Jones Jr. is working to bring Brittney Griner home

Roy Jones Jr., a dual Russian citizen, is looking out for Brittney Griner as he attempts to get her home.

Legendary fighter Roy Jones Jr. is trying to get WNBA superstar Brittney Griner home from Russia after being detained for cannabis four months ago.

Jones Jr. is a dual Russian citizen, and according to a TMZ report, he is working on getting her out of jail and home. She has been there long enough but continues to see her stay in Russia extended.

He said he would escort her home because he would want someone to do that for him if it were his daughter. While the attempt is admirable, there is no concrete evidence to show he can make this happen.

Can Roy Jones Jr. bring home Brittney Griner?

Jones became a Russian citizen in 2015 with the help of Vladimir Putin, so maybe he thinks because of his connection, change can happen. However, will that work or even be an option? Putin is of high power in Russia, but isn’t there a system in place?

I’m not saying she should still be in Russia for hash oil, but why does Jones think he has enough power to bring her home successfully?

The article mentions a prisoner exchange, which seems suspicious in itself, so this circumstance doesn’t sit well. Would it be great to see her finally come home after four months of being in a Russian jail — of course, it would.

There was just too much vagueness in his quotes to make it seem like something that would happen. While that may be the skeptic in me, hopefully, I’m wrong.

Griner deserves to come home, and how that happens probably doesn’t matter to her family because they want their child back in the states. It’s a sticky situation, but one to keep an eye on because if Jones can make it happen, he will be the Griner family’s hero.

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