All the Real Housewives of New York housewives, ranked

All the Real Housewives of New York housewives, ranked.

The Real Housewives of New York returns on Thursday night mid-season and oh boy has it been one heck of a season. We have seen some of the die-hard fan favorites leave the show, including Bethenny Frankel and Tinsley Mortimer. We also have the introduction of a new wife — Leah McSweeney who is battling Sonja Morgan for the most lovable insane wife in the city.

In the 12 seasons, there have only been 16 housewives which is a testament to how entertaining these wives have been. Many other franchises revolve their women in and out due to lack of drama or interest but Real Housewives of New York is consistently good.

We look at all 16 women and rank them from the most forgettable to the ones we’ll never forget.

Kristen Taekman (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images)

16. Cindy Barshop

Hate to say it, but we all forgot you were even on the show.

Cindy Barshop appeared on season 4 and her storyline was pretty much non-existent. Season 4 was a turning point for the franchise who was in the process of a total overhaul. Barshop was lost in the mix during the transition but we’re not sure fans really even noticed she didn’t come back for season 5.

15. Jules Wainstein

The best storyline of Jules Wainstein’s was when she broke her vagina. We’re not even kidding. Wainstein was in one of those marriages where you listen to her talk about how much her husband works and you just know he’s cheating. So when it was announced he was, in fact, cheating, it didn’t really add anything to her storyline.

She appeared in just one season.

14. Kristen Taekman

Here’s another one of those ladies who just didn’t click with the audience. Her problems were not relatable in the least and how she lasted two seasons is beyond us. Can you even remember anything from her storyline besides being offended her husbands company didn’t hire her as a model for their campaign?

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