Chris Simms has perhaps the hottest take ever about the Bears and Mitchell Trubisky

The end of the Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky era might not be as close as Bears fans are hoping.

The Chicago Bears are entering what could be the most important offseason the franchise has faced in recent memory.

After four tumultuous years of riding the lightning with Mitchell Trubisky and Matt Nagy, one of two things will happen: The Bears will fire Nagy and move on from Trubisky or run it all back for one more season.

The latter seems like likeliest option, even if it’s not what Bears fans want to see happen.

Chicago started the season going 5-1, but proceeded to lose its next six games after that. During that time, Trubisky was benched for Nick Foles who was then benched for Trubisky and fans seemingly reached the end of their rope.

It was a tremendous fall from grace, but one that Bears fans fully expected after having seen all they need to out of the Trubisky/Nagy pairing (Ryan Pace is not an innocent party in this mess either).

But as much as fans are hoping the team blow things up and starts over fresh this offseason, there’s growing momentum that such a thing won’t happen. For starters, the Bears have strung together back-to-back wins and are still very much alive for a playoff spot.

Should the Chicago Bears bring Mitchell Trubisky back in 2021?

Chris Simms thinks that, in addition to what he sees as a good football team, is why the Bears need to run this exact same team back in 2021.

“You can’t blow this thing up right now,” Simms told NBC Sports Chicago. “You can’t blow it up… There’s too many good things about this football team right now to blow it up and start from square one. You’re closer to the good than the bad right now.”

Simms technically isn’t wrong, the Bears aren’t a bad team when Trubisky is starting. Chicago is 5-2 this year with him under center and he has a 28-20 record as a starter with Nagy. The defense also has the capability of being the best in the NFL, and defenses win championships.

But there’s nuance missed in just glancing at the numbers, as the Bears have yet to win a playoff game with Trubisky and Nagy, not have they managed to play in more than just one. Add to that the play calling situations in which Nagy seemingly shows zero trust in Trubisky, which is either a problem with Trubisky or bad coaching by Nagy — or a combo of both.

Worse yet, while Simms is an analyst giving his opinion, many Bears fans fear that this line of thinking is shared by those in power at Halas Hall.

This is the limbo that the Bears have been stuck in for too many years to count. The team is trapped in a perpetual state of mediocrity in which it’s good enough to not be terrible but not bad enough to get a high draft pick to rebuild with.

So while Simms’ comment seems ridiculous to Bears fans, it’s a reflection of the unfortunate loop they’re stuck in with seemingly no way out. Maybe Trubisky and Nagy will figure it out next year, but there’s nothing new about that recycled line of hope that Bears fans have been beaten down by for the last four years.

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