Dak Prescott’s brother receives hate message from so-called Cowboys fan

Dak Prescott’s brother was the recipient of some disturbing messages on Instagram.

Social media has a tendency to be a dark place at times. Unfortunately, that means hateful messages can find anyone’s inbox at any moment.

Dak Prescott‘s brother Tad was the recipient of some truly disturbing messages on Instagram. He shared a screenshot on Twitter and reiterated why he isn’t a big supporter of the Dallas Cowboys fanbase. Warning, the language in the messages behind this link are a bit disturbing.

Dak’s brother shares social media messages

This is obviously crossing the line, whether this is actually a Cowboys fan or not. But for some reason, there are Cowboys fans attacking Tad and claiming he is trying to get his brother out of Dallas. Even if he is, that is their business.

Prescott shared the name of that account in the screenshot, so hopefully that individual receives the proper repercussions for their disgusting messages. There is a distinct line between playfully messaging someone and doing what this person did.

Prescott also made it clear he is not actively trying to get Dak out of Dallas and he doesn’t know where this story is coming from. But as it goes, certain people hear something and never let it go even if it is not the truth at all.

No one should have to face this type of abuse online. It is uncalled for, especially given the pain and publicity the Prescott family goes through on a daily basis.

Ultimately, Dak is the one who will determine where he plays. That decision is not up to his brother, and is not up to Cowboys fans.

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