Jason Varitek as an umpire is basically a Saturday Night Fever dance

Jason Varitek is John Travolta behind the dish, and we absolutely love it.

Jason Varitek is already the greatest intra-squad baseball scrimmage umpire of all time.

The former backstop for the Boston Red Sox may be a special assistant these days for the MLB club he’s best known for, but today, he is the greatest umpire of all time. “You’re my boy, Blue.”. He looks simply magnificent back there, having more fun calling balls and strikes than Leslie Nielsen in The Naked Gun.

I mean, just look at him. He’s having the time of his life calling games for the ‘Sox. Not only is he “Stayin’ Alive” back there, but he may have found a new profession should the offer manifest itself. He may never be a “Cav For Life” like LeBron James, but let’s hope John Travolta didn’t catch wind of this epic punch out.

Jason Varitek is a Saturday Night Fever dream as an umpire, it’s amazing.

We need the 21st century equivalent of The Bee Gees to give Varitek his own soundtrack to call games behind. Why pump in crowd noise when you can hear sweet, delicious beautiful melodies from The Jonas Brothers, One Direction or BTS? It does not matter if CDs or polyester jumpsuits are a thing of the past, they will come back in style if Varitek can call more Red Sox games.

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If Varitek could call all future specialty Red Sox games in a Travolta polyester jumpsuit, it would be on par with Andy Reid coaching the Kansas City Chiefs from the sidelines in a Nike Tommy Bahama shirt. We have the imagination and the wherewithal to get it done, so let’s get it done, boys! Baseball is about having fun and no one is having more fun than Varitek today.

I would take three balls for strikes to see Varitek punch me out Travolta style and so should you.

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