Levia Deluxe levitating lamp hits Kickstarter

levitating lamp

levitating lamp

idea3Di has returned to Kickstarter this month to launch their new levitating lamp in the form of the Levia Deluxe which is now available to back by a Kickstarter with early bird pledges available from€119. Worldwide shipping is expected to take place during July 2020. The levitating lamp is available in a number of finishes and comes complete with a heavy marble base.

Levia Deluxe

Levia Deluxe

“Following the success of the campaign on the basic version of Levia, while we were completing our project development, we have been busy to find a way to drastically reduce the necessary budget to create the much demanded Deluxe version.Levia – Deluxe Edition has a real gold-plating copper stem and a Portoro marble base.The golden touch-sensitive button fits perfectly to the base. The advanced technology, combined with the highest quality materials, makes Levia Deluxe Portoro something totally new and never seen before: it is an high-class design object, with a very high investment value.”

“The atomic number of gold as chemical element is 79. Its symbol is Au, always considered symbol of wealth, wellness and prestige. It’s a soft yellow metal, flexible and malleable, and it is not pierced through either by the air or by most of chemical reagents, due to its characteristics of corrosion and oxidation resistance. The gold plating is most commonly used for decorative applications. The gold plating is an electrolysis process by which a less precious metal is then covered by a more precious metal to prevent the corrosion or purely for aesthetic/decorative purpose. “

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