Logitech Logi Bolt is a responsive, secure wireless input technology

Logitech Logi Bolt technology

Logitech Logi Bolt technology

Logitech has this week unveiled a new secure and responsive wireless input device technology aptly named Logi Bolt . The new technology has been created to meet the needs of the evolving “enterprise IT from the hybrid workplace to global connectivity – to enhance the overall employee experience“. Logi Bolt has been specifically created to provide enterprise IT applications with a new high-performance, secure wireless technology offering secure wireless connection, robust wireless signal and cross-platform compatibility.

Logitech Logi Bolt features

  • Security:  delivers a secure level of wireless connectivity for wireless peripheral connectivity for Logitech mice and keyboards with Bluetooth Low Energy Security Mode 1, Level 4, when paired with a Logi Bolt USB receiver, also known as Secure Connections Only Mode and is Federal Information Processing Standards compliant.
  • Robust Signal: The USB receivers also provide a strong, reliable, drop-off-free connection up to 10 meters (33 feet), even in congested wireless environments, with up to eight times lower average latency in many cases than other commonly deployed wireless protocols in congested, noisy enterprise environments.
  • Great Compatibility: Logi Bolt devices are more universally compatible than most leading peripheral brands on the market. Their connections are reliable, allowing IT managers to efficiently source, purchase and distribute without compatibility or connectivity issues, and they work with just about every operating system and platform, including but not limited to: Windows, macOS, iOS, iPadOS, Linux, Chrome OS and Android. Users can connect via Logi Bolt USB receivers when security and signal strength are paramount, or by using the Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology installed on the host computer, giving IT managers the flexibility to roll out Logi Bolt wireless mice and keyboards across platforms, functions, and operating systems.

“In a corporate environment that has a lot of simultaneous wireless signals within the same space – wireless mice, keyboards, laptops, mobile phones, headsets and several wireless access points – Logi Bolt wireless technology has brought much needed wireless mice and keyboards reliability and stability to our users,” said Pasi Pajumäki, IT Specialist at Wolt Enterprises. “Logi Bolt wireless technology seems to establish a connection faster, so switching between a desk and a conference room is smoother and more user friendly”

Source : Logitech

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