Look: LaMelo Ball dressed like a comic book super villain for his first postgame presser

LaMelo Ball made headlines for his big Opening Night production, and for his outrageous postgame drip.

Expectations are sky-high for LaMelo Ball and the Hornets this season and he was ready to deliver on opening night. Ball racked up 31 points, 9 rebounds and 7 assists in a one-point win over the Indiana Pacers. But his biggest highlight of the night might have come during his postgame press conference when he showed up wearing a neon-green homage to Dick Tracy.

I mean, just look at this guy.

Check out this wild LaMelo Ball outfit

Can you imagine the kind of self-confidence it takes to try an outfit like this? It’s the same kind of confidence you’d need to threaten an entire city with a self-made shrinking ray or to attempt to topple the governments of Earth by blocking out the sun and then lighting the brilliance of your neon jacket be the only remaining light.

I mean, even the wardrobe department and costume designers for 1997’s Batman and Robin think this is a bit much. But the bottom line is when you’re playing as well as Ball is, you can wear whatever you want.

A win over the Pacers is significant, even on Opening Night as it’s a team the Hornets may have to battle for one of the final playoff spots in the Eastern Conference. 538’s projection model gives the Pacers’ the eighth-best odds of making the playoffs in the East this season at 64 percent. The Hornets are currently 12th at 19 percent.

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