Nick Bosa gives Cowboys perfect bulletin board material ahead of Wild Card matchup

Nick Bosa is tempting the football gods by taking a shot at the Dallas Cowboys that doubles as perfect bulletin board material ahead of Sunday’s Wild Card showdown.

Sunday will mark an NFL Playoff reunion fit for this era of 90s nostalgia. For the first time since 1995, the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers will be meeting in a playoff game. The rivalry remains the most frequent matchup in the conference championship round since the merger, but this time around the meeting will merely kick off a potential Super Bowl run for either team rather than serve as the final step before the big game.

One player playing in Sunday’s game won’t be buying into the nostalgia. Nick Bosa wasn’t even alive for the last playoff meeting between the Cowboys and Niners, but that didn’t stop him from adding to the rivalry ahead of this weekend’s matchup.

Speaking to the media about the Dallas offensive line he’ll be facing on Sunday, Bosa noted that there’s an obvious need for respect but that doesn’t translate to an invincible fear factor. Bosa went as far as to outline how beatable he thinks the Cowboys offensive line is.

Per the 49ers official team Twitter account:

“I think they’re both very solid players,” Bosa said Thursday, via the team’s Twitter feed. “Obviously, Tyron’s had a Hall of Fame career, I think. And him and (49ers) Trent (Williams) have been the best tackles in the league for a long time. But they’re definitely beatable. There’s tape on them getting beat, and we’re trying to do the same. They’ve definitely been in and out of the lineup a lot this year and the past years, so, the game plan is to make them work.”

Offensive line play has an important role in the Cowboys-Niners rivalry and is a key factor in the storied history of the Dallas dynasty. It was the iconic Hall of Fame offensive line that deserves much of the credit for how and why Dallas was able to become a football dynasty and is a large part of both Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith’s road to Canton.

Of course like much of the dynastical credit Cowboys fans have been living on since the franchise’s last Super Bowl in 1996, things have changed. Gone is that vaunted offensive front, but the current collection of Cowboys has helped Dak Prescott carry the team back to the postseason.

Dallas was already hungry to prove the haters wrong after a miserable season in 2020, and Bosa’s bulletin board material was unnecessary but accepted fuel to the fire.

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