Steelers might have exposed the Browns as pretenders

The Pittsburgh Steelers proved to us the Cleveland Browns aren’t special once again.

It was a bloodbath at Heinz Field and the Cleveland Browns take the loss handed to them by the Steelers back home like brass in pocket.

America gave them some attention at 4-1 and the Browns didn’t use their arms, legs, style, sidestep, fingers, or imagination to get anywhere close to a W. The Browns have been driving us crazy with their Detroit Lions-leaning ways by pretending to be contenders.

There’s no reason to dump on a team rocking the NFL’s longest active postseason drought, but for some reason, it’s so pleasing to do so. There is nothing quite like this Browns team in the league. In that way, they are special, so special. While no medical staff was thrown under the bus and no quarterback was hit on the head by their own helmet, Odell Beckham Jr. took his shoes off to some talk trash.

This is Buhler’s Way Off…
Does Doug Pederson want freedom from Philadelphia?

Doug Pederson used to be a rolling stone, you know…if the call was right. He used to be the heart beating for someone, but the times have changed. He may live and breathe for Philly Special, but he’s well on his way towards achieving freedom from Philadelphia like his beloved Big Nick Foles did.

Nothing beats Philadelphia Freedom after you’ve been pelted with batteries for losing again.

Julio Jones had the Vikings defense all mixed up, and they didn’t know what to do.

Julio Jones trusted his instincts and let go of regret vs. the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. He bet on himself because he’s a star and he’s the Atlanta Falcons‘ best bet at getting a rare victory. Feeling that NL pennant fever from the Atlanta Braves, Jones had the Vikings defense all mixed up, and they didn’t know what do to stop him from celebrating touchdowns, as he Mixed It Up.

Jones’ two trips to pay dirt came on the heels of Dan Quinn trying to put the Dan Quinn curse on the Braves by wearing their cap at one of his final press conferences as the Falcons head coach.

The Dude of the Week, Man: Derrick Henry is like a rock carrying the rock

When Ryan Tannehill hands the ball off to Derrick Henry, he carries the rock like a rock. The Tennessee Titans were in danger of being upset at home by the Houston Texans, but Henry’s 22 carries for 212 yards and two touchdowns saved the day.

His steps were quick and light, as he held firmly to score the game-winning touchdown in overtime to stay perfect through six weeks.

Jeff Fisher 7-9 B.S.: Patriots are half awake in their Fake Evil Empire

We can turn out the light and say good night to any realistic chance the Patriots have of winning yet another AFC East crown.

Cam Newton is not Tom Brady, who is having the time of his life down in Tampa.

While hitting .400 is great in baseball, hitting .400 is a great way to not reach the AFC playoffs if you’re Bill Belichick. Let’s not try to figure it all out at once, but losing to team that has only beaten the New York Jets is not the way to stay an Evil Empire for much longer.

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So what did we attempt to learn this week? You can play in diamond slippers, as long as don’t take them off on the sideline and yell at fans. And if you want Philadelphia Freedom from getting pelted with batteries, don’t force others to go with you.

Don’t be afraid to Mix It Up, even if you’re not special or you are simply a rock in human form.

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