WEEBILL 3 Professional DSLR camera gimbal for smooth recording $449

WEEBILL 3 Professional DSLR camera gimbal

WEEBILL 3 Professional DSLR camera gimbal

DLSR photographers may be interested in a new piece of kit created by ZHIYUN in the form of the WEEBILL 3, specifically designed to help you record smooth video footage. The camera gimbal features a new SLING 2.0 design for improved ergonomics and movement and features an integrated microphone and a rechargeable battery capable of providing a full days use on a single charge.

The WEEBILL 3 camera gimbal grip features thumb buttons, mini control stick for movement, plus finger trigger and wheel that can be customized according to your preference, shooting modes and action parameters, such as camera paras, movement along axes, follow focus and more.

“The WEEBILL 3 upgrades the filmmaking and photography experience by giving a dynamic, lightweight and easy-to-use professional device, giving users the chance to abandon the stress of cumbersome equipment in order to focus on pure artistic creation. The WEEBILL 3 includes a built-in Hi-Fi microphone and 1000 lumen fill light for a fast and efficient setup-to-shoot experience. These convenient, high-performance add-in accessories save filmmakers from the fuss of additional wires and the weight of extra accessories.”

DSLR camera gimbal

“ZHIYUN offers a comprehensive ecosystem of TransMount accessories to extend the WEEBILL 3’s functionality, dramatically increasing on location teamwork efficiency. Combining the WEEBILL 3 with TransMount Image Transmitter and MasterEye Visual Controller VC100 allows directors to monitor the shot via wireless image transmission, and apply parameter adjustment, such as focus and zoom, via remote control. Other accessories include ZHIYUN’s Follow Focus/Zoom units and its ZY Play App.”

“Compared to the previous version, the WEEBILL 3 upgrades the large 7,800mAh internal battery, which now provides up to 21-hours use for all-day filming support. With support for PD fast charging (0-100% in 2 hours) and pass-through charging of attached cameras (5 V/1 A), the WEEBILL 3 offers outstanding endurance with minimal downtime.”

The WEEBILL 3 is priced at $449 And is also available in a bundle with backpack, wrist rest, and extendable sling grip for $529

Source : ZHIYUN

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